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Jeanine Kraus

Certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Consultant

From a young age I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for children. I decided to pursue my degrees in education so that I could focus on my passion for children on a daily basis. During my time in college, my part-time job was being a nanny to two small children. After graduating, I decided to pursue a career as a nanny and soon after, I became a full-time nanny in Georgia. Seventeen years later, I’ve cared for kids of all ages. My experience includes working with multiple kids, being a live-in nanny, working for high profile clients, and also traveling with families. 

When I discovered that I could help multiple families learn how to successfully put their children to sleep, I knew that was the next in my journey.  I soon discovered that many of the techniques being taught through my sleep-training course were techniques I’d naturally been implementing with my babysitting jobs and nanny career. Becoming a certified sleep consultant allows me to continue my passion of working with kids while also fulfilling my desire to pass on the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years to as many families as I can.

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To improve your family’s quality of life by helping your little one sleep. 

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